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Diamond T Rubber
Replacement Rubber Parts

We specialize in Diamond T Rubber replacement rubber parts for 1934-1949 Diamond T trucks, as well as Federal, Mack, Reo Speedwagon, White, and Sterling trucks.


How Diamond T Rubber Parts Are Made

Each replacement rubber part has its own unique, precise mold used with injection molding of polyurethane elastomers. The result is accurate, brand new replacement rubber parts.


Why It Has To Be Diamond T

Replacement rubber parts are essential for your vehicle restoration projects for Diamond T, Federal, Mack, Reo Speedwagon, White, and Sterling trucks. Diamond T Rubber is here to help you with a wide selection of replacement rubber parts! 


Ordering Diamond T Rubber Parts

The cost of materials and the labor involved in our Injection Molding process requires limited production runs. Visit the Order Parts page for details on how to order Diamond T Rubber parts.

Our Commitment To You

Owning a historic vehicle is a labor of love, and every enthusiast will surely agree that the time and money we invest into our vehicles demands that we use the right parts for our vehicles.

We at Diamond T Rubber assure you that the rubber parts we manufacture are from true and accurate molds of originals, and the rubber we use is of the best quality. Choose Diamond T Rubber!

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